Ominta Leisure

The Ominta Leisure division of Ominta Group, has over 30 years’ combined experience in the cleaning and asset management of aquatic centres, recreational facilities, sports and community stadiums and related leisure venues.

Ominta Commercial

With many decades of experience coupled with advanced technology, well-trained cleaners and a repeatable system, the Ominta Commercial division continues to exceed expectations in the commercial cleaning sector.

Why Ominta

Delivering the best cleaning performance requires near perfect organising coupled with hard work and ongoing evaluation.

Facility Services

We have built our reputation on service that exceeds expectation.

While other service providers might just do the task at hand, our team regularly go above and beyond so our customers can get on with business.

This means you can you can truly count on.

We understand that effective communication is vital in any partnership, as is the need to be flexible, so team is hands-on and

active which results in efficient decision-making.

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Ominta Strengths

  • Endorsement of Quality, Safety & Environmental Standards
  • Up to date Cleaning Technology
  • Specialist Expertise & Experience
  • Fully Trained Staff
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Cost Effective Pricing
  • Innovation & Continuous Process Improvement
  • On Time Delivery
  • Hazard Free Operation
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Flexibility & Reliability