Proven Methods

Over our many years of Industry experience Ominta has developed and refined Proven Methods of service made up of systems and processes, built specifically for the Leisure industry.

Ominta Leisure works in partnership with its clients to deliver a service that focuses on improving the cleanliness, appearance and infrastructure of the relevant facilities, particularly that of Aquatic centers. We recognise that each location has its own unique requirements and we therefore tailor individual programs and labour to meet immediate and long term requirements.

We have the expertise and technology to clean and present facilities in the best possible condition. At Ominta our state of the art equipment such as Robotic, Pressure and Suction washers allow our professionals to perform all cleaning tasks with precision and care.

At Ominta we continue to invest heavily in training our employees to extract the best from the use of our technology and best practice systems. We see this as key to the further growth of our company and reputation.

Our specialised cleaning products, coupled with state of the art equipment, are guaranteed to remove fats, oils, mould and calcium deposits typically found in high use environments. Ominta is careful in meeting all industry compliance requirements insuring leaving health and safety in check.


Delivering the best cleaning performance requires near perfect organising coupled with hard work and ongoing evaluation to ensure consistent quality. This we do with careful planning and a hands on approach ensuring hygienic and efficient results for our customers.